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  • Message from Jean Middleton - ACC Club President
  • This year has been particularly good for the club, in so far as membership is concerned, we have had an increase in membership of over 25% on the previous year. Existing members have played an important part in this increase by promoting the club in differing ways:
  • Over the summer months we had no fewer than five exhibitions and displays, which included Brambles Coffee Shop, Guiseley Morrison’s, Guiseley Theatre, Parkinson’s Park Children’s Gala and Rawdon Library.
  • Our Open Competition resulted in an increased and encouraging number of entries
  • Posting on our Web site and Facebook page have kept up to date our publicity.
  • Former members have been encouraged to re-join
  • Whilst word of mouth has also helped.
  • I would like to extend my thanks to all those involved for their efforts.
  • Our weekly attendances have also been encouraging, we have had an average of 24 members at each meeting. Which also indicates that we have had an interesting syllabus this year which members have enjoyed.
  • I would like to extend a huge thank you to all members who so generously contributed to our appeal for donations towards a new Lap Top and as a result we have now been able to purchase a lap top with up to date technology which better suits our needs and will see us into the future. I would also like to thank all the committee members and particularly all those with specific offices, for your support this season, without your time and efforts this club would not be able to function.
  • To all the members who joined us for the first time this year, I hope you felt the club met your expectations, made you feel welcome and that you have enjoyed your time with us. Our club is a friendly local club run entirely by its members for its members and we are constantly looking for ideas for improving what we do to meet members’ interests. If you feel that there is something you would particularly like us to consider including in the club’s activities please let me know and we will endeavour to include it in a future syllabus. Your support in joining our club is greatly appreciated and I hope we will see you again next season.
  • I extend my sincere thanks to all the membership for their continuing support in the success of the club this year and look forward to seeing you all back with us again when we start our new season on the 13th September 2017.
  • Have a good summer. Keep taking those photos.
  • Jean Middleton - President.