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  • Message from Jean Middleton - ACC Club President
  • We had a very good start to the year with a well-attended Open Evening.
  • Throughout the year we have gained additional members, this illustrates the ongoing success of the Club and I would like to thank all the membership for their support of, and contribution to, the Club. It is the membership that makes the Club what it is and as a result we have had a very successful year. We have had a very active membership this year and that will be reflected in the number of awards to be given out at our Annual Dinner. It has been a very good year for all our competitions;
  • We have lots of talented photographers within the club, be they experienced or beginners with bags of potential.
  • Without the support of the membership there wouldn’t be a Club, so keep attending and keep taking those photos.
  • Thanks to our syllabus secretary Steve Richardson, we have had a very varied and interesting programme this year, which has included some excellent visiting speakers and also some excellent presentations by our own members. We are continually striving to meet the wishes of members and you will see from next year’s syllabus there are to be more tutorial opportunities.
  • I would like to thank Jane Wainwright and her team of ladies for their excellent work in providing us with refreshments every evening throughout the year and also all those early arrivers who set out the room for us.
  • I would like to thank all the committee members for their help and support during my past two years as President and for giving up their evenings 4 times last year to attend committee meetings. I like to think that we have worked well as a team which does reflect in the smooth running of the Club.
  • Also thanks to Steve Richardson, Tony Collinson and Chris Owens, for organising our club trips last year to the Lake District and Wortley Top Forge.
  • Finally I would very much like to express my thanks to my Vice President, Chris, for all his help and support, for all his standing in duties and for all those votes of thanks. Chris Owens also, mostly single handily does a great deal of work for the Open Competition, which is very much appreciated.
  • I have enjoyed my time as President and it just remains for me to say a big thank you to everyone.
  • Have a good summer. Keep taking those photos.
  • Jean Middleton - President.