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Message from Liakat Parapia - ACC Club President

Our Annual Dinner was held on 8th May at Bradford Golf Club and what a wonderful event it was! Seventeen members were awarded certificates and trophies. The meal was excellent and ended with a glass of Baileys and a toast to the Club.

We start the 2019/20 season with an Open Night on 11th September 2019. Everyone is welcome, particularly new members. There will be an introduction to the new syllabus, a talk on Photography, some handouts and possibly some inducements! We are glad to announce the membership fee remains at £40 per annum.

We are participating in the Heritage Week (13th – 22nd September) and will have an Exhibition of Photographs on Aireborough on Saturday 14th September at the Guiseley Theatre. Keep a lookout in the local press for details of other events.

There will be a Club stand at the Annual Friends of Parkinson’s Park Children’s’ Gala on 1st September 2 - 4.30pm

There will be two competitions open to the public with notable prizes. The details of both Summer and Winter competitions will be available on the Website and Facebook in due course. The details of our programs and our visits will also be displayed.

We have had a very successful year with very positive feedback. We want to better this with your support. Members at any stage of expertise are welcome to join us.
From September onwards till May next year we meet on Wednesday evenings at 7.30PM at Guiseley Theatre.

Liakat Parapia (Prof)

Aireborough Camera Club update…

We are well into the second half of the 2018/19 Syllabus. The Club has been successful in enrolling new members and the feedback so far is they are enjoying their membership and are likely to stay.
Our new initiatives are working well. The winter competition was a resounding success; the results and winning images have been posted on this page. An additional competition this year will be the President’s Challenge when I will be looking for the funniest picture, taken by a member.
We are grateful to all our sponsors for their continuing support.
As we have done in previous years we will have a stall at the Children’s Gala at Parkinson’s Park, Guiseley on 1st September.
We will also be participating in the Heritage week on 21st September at Guiseley Theatre.

The syllabus ends with an Annual Dinner on 8th May.
We will commence our Club activities for 2019/20 in September, details will appear on the website and Facebook pages.
We look forward to welcoming more new members and having a great deal of fun.
If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Liakat Parapia