(Revised 20/04/22)

1.Name of club
The name of the club is “Aireborough Camera Club”

2.Objects of club
The objects of the club are to encourage and develop a wider appreciation of photography and to promote an interest in all aspects of photography for the benefit of members and the local community from whatever social background regardless of age, gender, culture, or diversity.

3.Club meetings
The club shall meet at 7.30pm on Wednesdays from September to April inclusive or upon other evenings as determined by the committee.

4.Officers of club
The officers of the club shall be President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Co-ordinator, Competition Secretary and Web Site Manager and shall be elected annually. All officers including the President are eligible for re-election each year but additionally unless a President is re-elected he / she shall automatically continue as a member of the committee during the year ensuing their term of office.

The management of the club and the disposal of funds and property thereof shall be in the hands of a committee consisting of the officers, who shall be ex-officio members and three other members, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.

6.Power to co-opt
Notwithstanding anything contained in the above rule, the committee may co-opt any member of the club to the committee, such co-opted member to serve up to the date of the next Annual General Meeting.

7.Election of committee
Each member nominated for election to the committee shall be proposed and seconded in writing by two other members of the club at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting, such nomination to be entered on a form provided for that purpose, posted in the clubroom. In case more than the required number is duly nominated for the various offices, an election by ballot shall take place at such Annual Meeting and in case less than the required number, the Annual Meeting shall fill the vacancies.

8.Vacancy on committee
In case of a vacancy on the committee during the year, the remaining members of the committee may, at their discretion, fill the vacancy and the member so appointed shall take the place of the retiring member.

The committee shall have power to appoint sub-committees for special purposes.

The committee shall have power to make byelaws, as they may consider necessary for the well being of the club. Such byelaws shall have effect till otherwise determined by the committee or a General Meeting.

11.Committee meetings
The committee shall meet on not less than two occasions during the Club year or upon the request of not less than three members of the committee. Seven days notice shall be given by the General Secretary to all members of the committee. Five of the members shall form a quorum.

12.Chairman’s casting vote
At all meetings of the club or committee, in case of the members’ voting on any question being equal, the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to his own vote.

13.Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of April or May, for the purpose of receiving a report and abstract of the accounts and general concerns of the club for the previous year, electing the committee and auditors, revising the rules, and transacting any other business which may require the decision of a General Meeting. Seven days notice of such Annual General Meeting to be given to all members.

14.Extraordinary General Meeting
The committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting at any time on giving not less than seven days notice. The committee shall also call an Extraordinary General Meeting, subject to the above restrictions, on the written request of ten members.

Twenty-five per cent of the total membership shall form a quorum at all General Meetings

16.Membership of the Club
Membership of the club is open to any persons from whatever social background regardless of age, gender, culture, or diversity.
Under 16-year-old members and visitors.
When a child or young person under 16 years old becomes a member of the club or is a visitor, they must be supported by either a parent, guardian, carer, or other responsible adult. The club will undertake to warn the adult taking responsibility for the child or young person that very occasionally images with sexual, suggestive, or violent content, and/or discussion thereof, might be shown or discussed and the club will take reasonable steps whenever possible to warn them in advance if the club becomes aware of this.
Adults with learning disabilities.
On all occasions, persons with a learning disability must be supported by either a parent, guardian, carer, or other responsible adult.

17.Complaints Procedure
Any complaint made against the club, its officers or individual members shall in the first instance be made in writing to the General Secretary who will make an initial investigation and report to place before the committee at its next meeting. The outcome will be reported to the person making the complaint. Any decision of the committee will be final.

18.Expulsion of members
A member may be expelled from or asked to resign from the club at the decision of the committee. The committee can request a member to appear before it without stating the reason, provided that where any charge or accusation is made the member shall be given full opportunity to put forward a defence and bring witness at a later meeting. A member expelled or asked to resign shall have the right of appeal to a special General Meeting of the club called for the purpose. All proceedings under this rule shall be treated as privileged and confidential.

The annual subscriptions, which are due on the first day of September each year or on joining the club, shall be recommended by the club treasurer annually and put before the members at the Annual General Meeting for adoption. Amendments to the basis or alteration to the amount of subscription shall be determined in General Meeting as and when required. Any member joining the club on or after 1st January shall pay half the current annual subscription.

20.Failure to pay subscriptions
The name of any member whose subscription is six months in arrears may be struck off the list of members by order of the committee.

The club’s bankers are Barclays Bank PLC and an account in the name of the club is held at the Guiseley Branch of the said bank. Cheques drawn on the bank account of the club shall be signed by the Treasurer and either the Secretary or the named member.

An abstract of the accounts of the club shall be prepared and duly audited year by year and a copy shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

One or more auditors shall be appointed by the members at the Annual General Meeting to examine and audit the accounts for the current year and report thereon to the next Annual General Meeting.

24.Submission to rules
Members, on paying their subscriptions, are considered thereby to have submitted themselves to the rules of the club and on these conditions alone are entitled to enjoy all the advantages and privileges of membership of the club.

25.Alteration of rules
These rules can only be altered at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting and any proposal to alter them must be in the hands of the General Secretary at least fourteen days prior to either the Annual or Extraordinary Meeting.

26.Proposed new rule or alteration of rule
Where notice of a proposed new rule, or any alteration or amendment of any rule, is given, it shall be competent for the General Meeting voting on such proposal to alter or amend any such proposed new rule, or any such alteration or amendment, to make any addition or alteration to such rule.