PLEASE NOTE - Separate rules apply to the Open Competitions - see rules for these at the time
The club is currently holding the following competitions each year:

• The Annual Print Competitions
• The Annual Digitally Projected Image Competitions
• Challenge Night
• Three Photos on A Theme
• The AV Competition

The Annual Competitions

There are 6 Categories in the Annual Competitions and they are as follows:

1. Portrait, People and Figure Studies – shall include portraits, figure studies, groups of a portrait nature and animal portraits.

2. Nature – Nature photography depicts living, untamed animals and uncultivated plants in a natural habitat, geology and the wide diversity of natural phenomena.

Photographs of animals, which are domesticated, and photographs of cultivated or hybrid plants are ineligible.

Minimal evidence of humans is acceptable for nature subjects, such as barn owls or storks adapting to an environment modified by humans, or natural forces, like hurricanes or tidal waves, reclaiming it.

Any manipulation or modification is limited to minor retouching and must not alter the truth of the original scene.

Nature photographers frequently take pictures of animals under “controlled conditions” in order to record species or behaviour that would be very difficult or impossible to record in the wild. This might even include microscopic subjects, which have to be anaesthetised. Such photographs are eligible for entry to ACC, YPU and PAGB Competitions.

Animals in reserves and wildlife parks and zoos, are permitted provided there is minimal evidence of humans. So too are "falconer's" birds although, of course, only minor retouching is permitted which would not, for example, include removing jesses in post processing. Also permitted are pictures of “wild” flowers growing in parkland or “wild” gardens provided these have not been modified by such cultivation.

It is obvious that creatures showing poorer condition because of their captivity are likely to be marked less favourably by nature judges.

3. Architectural and General Record – shall be for any building or part of a building, ancient or modern, and/or allied objects or furnishings belonging to or associated with the subject. This class includes archaeological or other inanimate objects, eg motor vehicles, ceramics etc.

4. Photo Journalism – shall include photo journalism, sport and action. Such photographs should be a record of an event as distinct from a place, person or subject.

5. Pictorial – shall include any photographs of a pictorial nature eg. Landscape, seascape, abstract, texture, still life or table top. Marks will be awarded taking into account composition, atmosphere and impact.

6. Monochrome – Photos on any subject can be entered into this category.

A. If there are enough people wanting to enter as Beginners then there will be a Beginners Class as well as the Open Class. No-one can enter a Beginners Class and the Open Class in the same competition

B. An entry in the Print Competition shall comprise of a maximum of 3 Prints in each Category and an entry in the Digitally Projected Image Competition shall comprise of a maximum of 3 Digital Images in each Category.

C. The competition will be judged by a Judge.

Challenge Night Competition

A There will be one competition during the year comprising of three heats.

B. The title of the challenge will be announced approximately 2 months before the submission date.

C. An entry shall comprise of a maximum of 3 Digital Images depicting the challenge title.

D. Points are awarded per heat and the top cumulative score wins.

Three Photos on a Theme

A. Each member will choose their own theme and enter a set of 3 photos that illustrate that theme. Photos must be labelled 1, 2 and 3 where 1 is the left hand photo, 2 is the middle photo and 3 is the right hand photo The judge will be looking at the photos individually and as a set.

B. An entry shall comprise of one set of 3 Prints and/or one set of 3 Digital Images.

C. The competition will be judged by a Judge

The AV Competition

A. An entry shall comprise of one short AV (Audio Visual) on any subject and lasting between 3 and 5 minutes. The AV can be made with still photos, videos or a mixture of both.

Y.P.U. Competitions

The club is a member of the Yorkshire Photographic Union and members are eligible to enter Y.P.U competitions.


1. All photos must be the authors own work and any computer manipulation of the image must be carried out by the author, or under his or her immediate control. Photos must not include the addition of computer clip-art, images or graphics from other sources. Any photos that have been manipulated beyond that felt to be acceptable may be disqualified.

2. Monochrome or Colour -If one colour or tone is added to a black and white photo, by whatever means, then it is deemed to be a monochrome photo. If more than one colour or tone is used then it becomes a colour photo.

3. Prints - All Prints must be mounted on card and the maximum size of the mount is 40 x 50cm. The name of the author, title of the print, category and class in which the photograph is entered must be clearly stated on the back of the mount.

4. Digitally Projected Images - All entries should be saved as JPEGs in sRGB colour space with a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a maximum height of 1080 pixels. They should be submitted on a memory stick or disc with an accompanying list which gives details of the author, title of the image, category and class in which the image is entered.

5. Multiple Entries - When entering more than one Print or Digital Image into a competition they must be labelled 1, 2 and 3. If there are too many photos entered into a competition then everyone’s third photo will be dropped.

6. Judging - All competitions will be judged by members unless otherwise stated above.

7. Once a photo has been entered into a club competition it may not be entered into any other club competitions. There are two exceptions to this rule:
7.1 This does not include photos used in the AV competition or those entered into YPU competitions.
7.2 Any photo previously entered into a club competition may be entered into a second competition if it has been re-edited. This does not include photos that were placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Note - Whilst every care is taken with competition submissions, Aireborough Camera Club can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to members work.


The following trophies are awarded annually and held by the winning member for a period of one year:

The Presidents Challenge Cup - For the winner of the annual challenge set by the President - currently for the most amusing photograph.

The Gomersall Cup - For the winner of the Annual Monochrome Print Competition

The Wharfedale Trophy - For the best colour print in all the Annual Print Competitions.

The Geoffrey Pearson Memorial Trophy - For the winner of the Annual Pictorial Print Competition.

The Henry Barber Trophy - For the winner of the Annual Portrait Print Competition.

The Lady Hill Plaque - For the best digitally projected image in all the Annual Digital Competitions.

The Lees Cup - For the best digitally projected image depicting ‘Action’ in all the Annual Digital Competitions.

The Rose Bowl - For the best print in all the Beginners Class Annual Print Competitions.

The President’s Shield - For the best digitally projected image in all the Beginners Class Annual Digital Competitions.

The Airedale Trophy - For the winner of the Annual Photo Journalism Print Competition

The Mathie Rose Bowl - For the winner of the Annual Architecture and General Record Print Competition.

The Falkingham Shield - For the winner of the Annual Nature Print Competition.

The Ilkley Trophy - For the Winner of the Challenge Night Competition.

The Anthony Hunter Memorial Trophy - For the greatest contribution to the advancement of the club during the year.